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The Children's Christmas Jubilee

In 1937 the Children's Christmas Jubilee was performed at the Bloomington High School. Numerous people were involved in the production and naturally, many were photographed by the Pantagraph. The orchestra of brass instruments included George Marton, the band leader, five girls and one boy.

Marton, George W.; Powers, Jane; Woodrum, Elizabeth; Sperry, Jean; Viemont, Betty; Halane, Orvid; Murphy, Elaine

This photo was published with their names in order, but the next photo shows their faces more clearly:

There were many dancers including these girls from the Whitmer dance studio.

Maurita Meyer, Jane Limber, Marilyn Bauman

Marilyn Hollatz
Marilyn Hollatz

Diane Boyer
Diane Boyer

The cast of the Christmas skit.

Bloomquist, Ingrid; Gordon, Mary Alice; Radka, Jack; Lockenvitz, Edward; Jennings, Marjorie; Kroll, Mildred; Rudat, Eloise; Back row; Cozad, Margaret Mary; O'Rourke, Mary Katherine; Fitzsimmons, Don; Herrick, Buell; Duncan, Bob; Hurst, Jack; Colton, Walter; Bavester, Wilma; Moore, Bob

The stage was managed by a crew of high school students.

Hempstead, Vernon; Hesselberth, Frank; Weidner, Cecil; Rasmussen, Bob

At the Jubilee each child also got to meet Santa and received a bag of candy! The Christmas of hundreds of little children who may not have had the opportunity to see a Christmas show or a movie could enjoy a show put on by the young people of Bloomington Normal and share Christmas cheer!

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