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Scouting was one of the activities that was sure to get a boy or girl's picture in the Pantagraph. Scouting was a useful pursuit that taught children skills and gave them adventures.

3 21 1938 Tinervin, Bill; McWherter, Morse; Ekstam, Bud; Standing, Auth, Philip; Irvin, Francis,

Sadly, the boy playing the patient is unnamed, but all the boys demonstrating their skills in First Aid were named in the Pantagraph. William Tinervin served in the New Guinea campaign of WWII and became a dentist (University of Illinois). He continued his work with the Scouts and was a troop leader as an adult and practice dentistry in McLean County. Edwin Morse McWherter became a school administrator in Livingston County. Bud Ekstam was a postal worker and veteran of the Aviation Engineers in the Pacific during WWII. Philip Auth enlisted with the Army Air Corps as an aviation mechanic during WWII, took a degree in aviation engineering, flew every rate of aircraft, taught aviation and ran the family restaurant in Bloomington. Francis Irvin was lauded as a "beacon of justice" at the time of his death and was a teacher in Heyworth and social activist in McLean County.

It seems that all these boys achieved the promise of their years in the boy scouts!

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