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Clark Kidder, Professional Research Services with access to all records for NYJA.

This is an invaluable resource for persons hoping to find information regarding their Orphan Train ancestors. Clark Kidder has amassed records to the New York Juvenile Asylum that are not available on the internet, or He has painstakingly organized those records and will provide his research at a reasonable fee.  The underlined words are a link to Clark's website.

Some Illinois counties/genealogical societies have prepared lists of orphans passing through their county. Just click on the links to the left to be taken to the webpage that holds the information. Here are the ones that I have found.  If you find others, email me and I will add them to this resource. 

Newspaper stories

Hillsboro IL orphan list

Fiction about the Orphan trains

Elbert Hubbard:

   How I Found my Brother

   A Tale of the Prairies


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