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Desperate Grocers, March 1956

Just as local stores compete with internet shopping today, the grocers of the 1950s were battling to keep their stores open and their families fed when the "food liners" and super markets came to town. They used some strategies that have become part of regular operations of all grocery stores.

E.L. Casebeer kept Casey's Market at 1501 N. Main open 24 hours a day!!! You can also see his prepackaged salads in this image.

Darrell McReynolds owned the Food Circus at 1904 S. Main. At his store he went the extra mile with a drive up window.

Chuck Arnold was sure that friendly, personal service was the key to retaining customers. His store was a 908 N. Clinton. He is serving Dick King, Bob Hellweg and Timmy(?) Golden. I wonder if that Annie Oakley comic book was good??

Did you visit mom and pop or independent grocery stores in Bloomington Normal? Which was your favorite and why??

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