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Con Game Nets $36

​A con artist pulled a fast one at G H Read and Bros one hundred years ago today. The crook entered the store and ordered a $40 stove to be delivered to an address in West Bloomington. He wrote a check for the purchase, plus $36. He was given his change and off he went to enjoy his ill gotten money. The delivery of the stove was attempted, but the wife was visiting in Pontiac and her railroading husband was on the road. So the merchant lost nearly the whole price of a stove and the trouble and effort of delivering an unwanted stove.

Of course, today, the con wouldn't play out because change is not commonly given for checks. But note that the con was discovered within hours of the crime because delivery of the stove was made the same day as the purchase! We may have the ease of no line shopping, but same day delivery in Bloomington is definitely a thing of the past.

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