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2nd Grade Field Trip to the Dairy Farm

In March of 1941 the 2nd graders at Washington Grade School were taken on a field trip to the Snow and Palmer Dairy Farm. The teachers reported that this was part of a "community interest project" where the children were taught social skills. The children were taught that misbehaving on the bus and interrupting the concentration of the bus driver would be "unhelpful" and their goal was to be helpful to those providing community service. The children had also been studying the dairy industry before their field trip and were well informed about where milk came from. Of course, the dairy farm was just another of those services that support the community.

The children eagerly leave the school on their field trip!

Two chartered buses took the children on their field trip. Even fathers were present for this field trip! The teachers were Vivian Russell and Grace Beyer.

Mary Ellen Lee had instruction in milking from Burton Whitmore.

Here a boy bravely tries milking.

This photo gives an idea of the scale of Snow and Palmer's operations!

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