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Arnold Hering, Illinois Central Agent

Arnold Hering had an early start on his career with the Illinois Central. In 1945, when he was just 14 years old, Hering acted as substitute for IC agents when they went on vacation. The Pantagraph said that the trains coming into Hudson were slowing down to get a look at the agent in charge of the station there.

l thought at first that Arnold's father must have been with the railroad as well, but no, his father was working as a auto salesman in 1940 and in 1949 he worked at the Duncan Liquor Store (he was well into his 60s by then). But in 1949 Arnold was still working as an IC telegrapher -- at age 18! He must have been a true wunderkind.

He worked at the IC for what appears to be all his life. In 1980 he was chief dispatcher for the IC, but he was probably better known as a skilled bowler in Bloomington. I think that Arnold is still with us somewhere, so I hope he will enjoy this photo of himself on the very cusp of his career!

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