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El Paso Gymnastics, 1938

In March 1938 the students of El Paso High School were being led in a gymnastic program. Both boys and girls had the opportunity to learn tumbling, pyramid building and dance. They may have even been learning some trapeze work. Sadly, only a few of the photos were published with the names of the students, but perhaps they will be recognized by their families and friends nearly eighty years later! The teachers in charge of the gymnastics program that would put on the 3rd Annual Gym Program in El Paso were Gordon Forbes and Virginia Jaquith.

This is the girls' version of a pyramid.

And the pyramid built by the boys of the school. Even the boys on the bottom of the pyramid seem to be enjoying themselves.

These two boys are undertaking what seems to be quite a dangerous trick of balance. Almost all the tumbling and gymnastic equipment is repurposed benches and ladders, adding to the danger!

Here a girl is vaulting over two others.

A balancing act by Roland Keehma and Gene Cunningham.

Jean Hettinger and Jean Shepherd demonstrate a dance in colonial costume.

Three girls on a trapeze swing: Marjorie Martin, Aldene McDonnell, and Hilda Robbins.

Four boys perform balancing acts in the gym.

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