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Fashion Do's and Don't's

Updated: Mar 6

The Pantagraph had to be all things to all people, and for women, it was a fashion newspaper! Advice columns told women what styles were flattering for them and how to wear their hair. In 1941 advice was dispensed on how to sit, walk and bend over in a short dress. And for short dress, we don't mean a mini skirt, we mean a skirt below your knee. These co-eds from Eureka College's local sorority, Delta Delta Pi,

modeled the clothes and pretended to not know the rules of decorum.

Who is sitting appropriately in this photo? NOT Vera Vardos!! Oh my, the top of her stockings are showing and . . . we are not going any further. Nice Mary Williamson is demonstrating the proper way to sit in a short skirt. Also, Vera, get your shoes off the sofa!

Helen Smith demonstrates how to exit a car gracefully in a short skirt. Love those shoes too!!

Pearle Hopkins and Vera Vardos were enjoying themselves a little too much in a local cafe in Eureka - What's the use of a booth if you aren't taking full advantage of the whole bench??

Virginia Cain was too exuberant getting out of the car on this occasion, flashing the tops of her stockings to any ogling male. The responsibilities of womanhood are heavy!

Apparently, what was needed was taller stockings, not longer skirts.

There are more images of the Eureka women in the 1940-1945 collection under Short skirts, 1941.

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