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Miller Park Do's and Don't's

In the summer of 1946 Pantagraph reporter Wilma Tolley visited Miller Park with three models of impish behavior in the form of Tyndall Graves, Milton Evans and Nancy Forbes. She then encouraged these children to engage in all the bad behavior they could imagine -- all so the children of Bloomington-Normal would know how to avoid bad behavior in the park. (Tyndall is the blond and Milton the dark haired one)

DON'T jump on a moving car!

DON'T fill your water guns at the public fountain!

DON'T share your ice cream!

DON'T stand up in a row boat!!

DON'T tease dogs! (Obviously, no dog was harmed during this photoshoot -- he looks very happy.)

DON'T jump on a moving carousel -- or shoot your water guns at the riders. These boys had never heard of super soakers and would have been extremely dangerous with one!

And above all, DON'T climb on the cannons at Miller Park!

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