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In 1929 a new club was formed for the young women of Holy Trinity Church, and they named the club "Patrinmar." When the name was announced no explanation of the name was given, and googling this word finds only references to this particular club. The club did include the women of each parish so is probably PAtrick TRINity and MARy. It was a social club with some element of physical exercise in its earliest days, meeting always at the high school gym for "gymnasium work." During the first year the club had a treasure hunt in Shirley and a masquerade dance.

Patrinmar 1937 Noan Callahan, Marie Gatliff, Helen Redmond, Madelon Boylan, Mary Kinsella, Margaret Kinsella

Patrinmar Sep 1939, no names (Margaret and Mary Kinsella??)

By 1931, they had formed a theater group and performed plays at the high school. In later years they were more likely to meet at the Maplewood Country Club, the Knights of Columbus clubrooms or the Village Inn restaurant than at the high school and the element of exercise was discarded for more and more dinners and more and more bridge.

Patrinmar 1940 Donahue, Erma Eileen; Delmar, Margaret; Koos, Mary Margaret

Patrinmar most recently has been meeting at Westminster Village for bridge, but no announcements have appeared in the Pantagraph since 2012. As club life fell out of disfavor with mothers increasingly being involved in careers and other activities, many of the clubs in Bloomington-Normal have ceased to exist or if they do exist, do not need the newspaper to communicate meeting times (email!) Of course this makes it difficult to recruit new members and create interest in clubs except in exclusive circles.

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