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Young shopper

Delores Harris, daughter of Charles and Mildred Harris, is the small girl shopping at the market near her home -- Payne's Market, 1118 S. Main. The clerk helping her is Fred Fuiten.

Delores went to BHS and graduated in 1953. She worked at State Farm and married James Price an Illinois Central Gulf conductor in 1954. I don't know whether Delores worked after her marriage, but her mother Mildred worked at Eureka Williams after her divorce from Charles. Delores and her husband had four daughters and lived in Normal, celebrating many happy wedding anniversaries.

Fred Fuiten attended BHS and was the son of a railroad fireman, Fred Fuiten Sr. This photo was taken August 19, 1940 and less than three months later Fred enlisted in the Air Corps and was shipped out to Hawaii in November of 1940. A year later he was one of the survivors of Pearl Harbor. Fred died in Texas in 2002. He was married to Lois Ficken but had no children.

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