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Daniel & James Harney, Orphan Train Riders

Daniel Harney (1879 - 1931)

Daniel Harney came to Illinois at the age of 10 and lived first in Stephenson County. His parents, Henry and Ann Harney were both Irish immigrants in New York. In 1900 Daniel lived with Charles and Mary Furey in Waddams, Illinois and according to his obituary in 1931, he lived with them from his first days in Illinois. He married Matilda Stamm in 1907 and his mother, Ann, came from New York to live with him and Matilda before 1910. Daniel attended college in DeKalb to become a teacher and finally worked as a mail carrier for 25 years. The Harneys never had children.

James Harney (1885 - 1943), brother to Daniel Harney was also sent west to Stephenson County. His first known location was the farm of William Kailey in 1910 in Waddams. James married Amelia Schuck and had four children with her: Clara, Lucille, Marietta and Rosella. An article in the Freeport Journal Standard in 1923 reveals that the ties between Harney and his first guardians continued throughout his life. This article stated that William Kailey was living in James Harney's home in Kearney, Nebraska. In Nebraska Harney worked as a house man in a hotel and Amelia worked as a laundress. James Harney's death certificate provides the maiden name of his mother, Ann Woods.

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