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Elmer Ellsworth Fiero, Orphan Train Rider

Elmer Fiero was sent to the tiny town of Lacon, Illinois in 1904. He was placed with the Littlefield family there, and they apparently gave him many opportunities to succeed. He graduated from the Lacon High School in 1910 and continued his education at the University of Illinois, where he was a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. The photo below is his from the Illio, Class of 1915.

A social security document recorded the names of this parents, Washington Fiero and Matilda Sproule. When Elmer made a passport application in 1920 he stated that his father, Washington Irving Fiero, was a native born American. This application also stated that his father was living in New York City and working in advertising. Elmer was living and working in New York City as an exporter and had previously lived in Europe during the summer of 1914 (while he was a student at the University of Illinois). His travel plans were for business -- establishing contacts throughout Europe for his export business.

While in France in 1921, he made a second application for his passport, citing his employment with the AGRS. (American Grave Registration Service?)

The final document describing Elmer's life is the Report of the Death of an American Citizen:

No record suggests that Elmer ever married or fathered a child. In keeping with his WWI army service, Elmer was buried in the American Legion cemetery.

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