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Edith, Margaret & William Stuckey, Ogle & Rock Island County

Edith and Margaret first appear in official records in 1880 in NYC with parents John and Margaret Stuckey. Their father, John, was a baker from England and their mother was from Scotland. Both of the girls were born in New York. Their brother William did not appear in the census in 1880.

In 1889 William Stuckey's guardian reported that William had been released from his indenture and that William planned to go to Connecticut to live with his aunt. According to the asylum records William was eighteen years old in 1889 and his two sisters were three and five years younger than he was.

Edith's location in Illinois is unknown, but in her 1889 letter she stated that she had not seen her sister for six years. Margaret was in Rock Island and William had been in Rochelle. Those two cities are 92 miles from each other, a major distance in the 1880s for three dependent children to travel. William had visited Edith the previous week, and although his employer thought William was going to Connecticut, to Edith he only said he was "working out." Perhaps William wanted to avoid any tears that might be shed over a more distant separation.

Edith married Guy Ehrhart, a farmer, in Pasadena, CA in 1904. They never had children. She died in 1955.

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