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William Rosensteel, Orphan Train Rider

William Rosensteel was sent to Illinois in March of 1902 at the age of nine. He lived with the Swingle family in Athens, IL and attended high school there. In February 1918 William enlisted and served in the army until March of 1919.

In 1920 he was working in Kenosha, Wisconsin as an assembler in an automobile factory. In 1930 he was living in Madison and working for the telephone company as the chief wire clerk and was married to Eileen Merriman. In 1940 they were living in Madison, Wisconsin and working as an installer in an unspecified business. For William, having a high school education had paid off in work that was more financially stable than farming. He had, however, wanted to attend college. He and Eileen had a nine year old son named William Rosensteel.

Eileen died in 1971 and William died in 1983. They were both buried at the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois.

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