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Hattie and Annie Henning, Orphan Train Rider

Hattie Henning came to Niantic, Macon County, Illinois on the train in 1886. She wrote to the asylum in 1896, after she had married Horace Cross. Hattie and Horace had two children, Guy and Lena. They lived for the next thirty years around that area, but Horace always worked at tenant farming or as a farm laborer. In 1926 their son Guy tragically committed suicide just months after marrying. It was said that he had failing health and that was the cause of his suicide. One year later, Horace Cross was working on a threshing crew near Niantic, IL and drank poison in the farmer's barn, committing suicide himself. Once again, the cause was said to be failing health. Horace was buried in the Osbernville, IL Berea Cemetery.

These men were survived by Hattie and Lena. Lena was then married to Harold Havener and living in Springfield. He was a wood worker who made wagons. Harold and Lena had one daughter and two sons. Guy had a son, Jack Cross, who later married and had two children. Before her death in December 1942, Hattie remarried to Oliver Butler and divorced him before her death. Hattie died in Springfield, where her daughter lived. Hattie was buried in Niantic.

In her marriage record, Hattie gave the name August Henning for her father's name. The name for her mother was apparently illegible.

Annie Henning lived in Randolph, IL in McLean County after being sent West. She lived with the Elder family from 1888 until at least 1894. No record of Annie could be found.

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