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George, Adelaide & Maude McAndrews, Orphan Train Riders

George McAndrews was sent West in 1886 and was born in about 1876. The 1900 census found him on the Pennell farm, working for Everett and Delia on their Scott County farm. By 1910, he had married Mary Nettles, and they owned their own farm. Their children were Martha, Edna, Edith and William.

George, Edna and William were all employees of the Western Cartridge Company in Alton during WWII, doing their part on the home front. This company manufactured small arms and ammunition beginning in 1898. It was founded by Franklin W. Olin, and was a forerunner of Olin Corp.

George died in May 22, 1950 and was buried in Alton, Madison County. It was only after finding George's second obituary that I learned of two more orphan train riders -- Addie and Maude McAndrews.

Once I discovered the existence of these two sisters I was able to confirm George's place in the 1880 census. These children were the offspring of George and Elizabeth McAndrews, two immigrants from Scotland and Ireland. They had an older sister, Frances, born in 1872. Adelaide was born 1877 and Maude 1879. Adelaide (1877 - 1951) was first married to Fred Duncan (1877 - 1908) with whom she had seven children: Irving, William, Dimple, Leila, Maude, Bertha and Charles. She was second married to Albert Hughes. Addie's death certificate recorded their mothers full name: Elizabeth Jane Carson. No trace of Maude McAndrews could be found except as a one year old daughter in 1880. She died April 5, 1958 and is buried in the same cemetery as her sister. As stated in the obituary, both of these women lived in Missouri.

Since the NYJA was sending children only to Illinois in 1886, I assume that the two girls were appointed to the same home in Illinois and that that family moved to Missouri, taking the girls with them. Adelaide's marriage license was signed by her guardian, Martin Thrailkill in 1894. Maude's death certificate incorrectly states her date of birth and was completed with information from Mrs. Robert Newell, Adelaide's daughter Maude.

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