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Kate Miller, Orphan Train Rider

Kate Miller (1876 - 1948) was sent to Illinois in 1884 and placed with the Oliver family. When she wrote to the asylum in 1894, there was no hint of what would happen the next year. In 1895 Katherine Miller (age 19) married John F. Oliver (age 27) the son of her guardian. In 1900 Kate Oliver was living alone with two sons, John Merton Oliver and James Oliver (her husband died in 1899). She was living in her own home, but working as a "servant." A marriage record for Kate Miller Oliver in 1904 indicated that she married again -- to Andrew Eby. It is puzzling that the names of her parents are different on each marriage license. In 1895 she said her parents names were Jacob and Catherine Miller and in 1905 she said her father's name was John and her mothers name was illegible. In the 1920 census, Kate Eby was living with her husband Andrew Eby and two sons named John and Martin Oliver, confirming that Mrs. Oliver and Mrs. Eby were the same person. Katherine was confused about the names of her parents throughout her life (see obit).

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