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Arthur & Annie Wycoff, Orphan Train Riders

Arthur (1860 - 1933) and Annie Wycoff (1860 - 1937) rode the orphan train to Macon County in 1873. In 1880 they both appeared with the Dresbach family. Arthur had married Mary Dresbach and they had had one daughter, Daisy. Anna was still living with the family and was noted as a "servant." Arthur and Mary stayed close to her family, for when Mr. Dresbach died in 1898, he was visiting on the Wycoff porch in Argenta, Illinois. Arthur died in 1933. He and Mary had six children who lived beyond infancy: Daisy, Margaret, Lyman, Albert, Lura and Iva.

Anna married in December 1880 to Jacob Eicholtz, a Macon County farmer. They had four sons, John, Charlie, Arthur & William but only two sons outlived their parents: Arthur and William. Anna died in 1937 in the home of her granddaughter, Fleta Lunn.

The parents of Anna and Arthur were Smith and Esther (Gordon) Wycoff.


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