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Elizabeth Van Hove, Livingston County

Elizabeth Van Hove came from England before her second immigration to Illinois. She had two brothers, Samuel and Harry, who were also living in Illinois. She reported in the census that she came to the United States in 1889. She was fifteen years old when sent from New York. As she wrote in one letter to the asylum that her father, George Van Hove, had urged her to return to New York, but she was planning to stay here. She married in 1904 to a widower, Albert L. Gilman. They had two sons, Wilmer and LaVere.

It is interesting to note that in 1910 Elizabeth reported that her father was German, but after the Great War, she stated that her father was from Belgium. Her mother was a British citizen.

The Hancock County Historical society has told the story of Elizabeth's two brothers on their website:

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