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Frank E. Powell, Crawford County

Frank E. Powell came to Illinois in 1886 and lived with Isabella Kennedy, a widowed lady in Hutsonville, Illinois. Although he does not appear in a census with Mrs. Kennedy, Frank remained in Hutsonville the remainder of his life. He married Emma Sarah Carmichael in 1902 and with her had one son, Lyman Powell.

In 1910 Frank was farming on a rented farm, and in 1920 he was working as a teamster in the village of Hutsonville. In 1930 he was working for the railroad. Although his son Lyman had six children, no ancestry trees have been built for this family. Frank's death certificate is not included in any records available to genealogists, and his grave, possibly, has not been tagged in the Find A Grave project.

Although Mrs. Kennedy wrote in her letter that Frank was doing well in his schooling, the 1940 census indicated that Frank had stopped his schooling at the third grade level.

William Powell was also placed in Crawford County -- with George W. Titus. When Mr. Titus wrote to the asylum in 1893 William had been living with the family for seven years. William was then attending the local high school and Mr. Titus had plans to send William to college. Unfortunately, William Powell appears nowhere in any census, school record or marriage record.

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