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Albert H. and Fernando Trede, Orphan Train Riders

Albert Trede (1868) came to Geneseo, Henry County, Illinois in 1882 and his employer wrote a letter to the asylum in 1884. He was not found in the census again until 1910, when he was 41 years old. Albert was living with the Robert Cole family in Richmond, Henry County and was noted as a servant in their home. His marital status at that time was widowed, but no evidence of his marriage was found. In 1920 and 1930 he was still living with the Coles. In 1940 he had moved to Springfield, where he lived with Ida Trede, who was his sister in law.

Ida Trede was the widow of Fernando Trede. Fernando was born in New York in 1877, the son of George and Beta Timm Trede. Fernando was sent West at the same time as Albert and wrote a letter in response to the Asylum's request for input on the subject of boy's indentures in 1888. In 1900 Fernando lived in Auburn, Sangamon County and worked there as a coal miner. Later in life he was a brick layer. He died September 2, 1939. He and Ida had six children: Thomas, Ida, Ada, Fred, Albert and George.

The 1940 census attempted to give a picture of recovery after the Depression. The Trede family at that time included two brothers, George and Thomas, neither of whom was married. George had the most consistent employment that year, working 48 weeks. Thomas Trede was less lucky and worked only 10 weeks. A son in law also lived in the home with wife, Ida Stufer. Thomas Stufer worked in the building trade and worked 40 weeks in 1939. These three men were the supports of the elderly Ida Trede and Albert Trede. No children lived in the home. None of the men had more than an eighth grade education.

Albert died five years after his brother on January 12, 1944. They are both buried in the Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield, Illinois.

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