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Sidney, Charlotte & Marion Rowe

The Rowe children are, according to family trees, the children of Theophilus and Susannah Rowe, English immigrants, who also lived in Australia. Two of their children were born there and later lived in Illinois. Sidney (1862 - 1929) lived in Butler, Vermilion County and married Margaret Marshall. They had no children. Sidney's life in Vermilion was mentioned in his sister Marion's letter to the Asylum.

Marion Rowe (1869 - 1938) did not name the place where she lived, but said that it was very advantageous because there were two colleges in that place in 1882. In 1880 she was found in Wayne, DuPage County in the family of Thomas Lake/Sake as an eleven year old girl who was noted as being a servant in the home. Immigration records show that four Rowe children came to America with their mother in 1869 and that Marion was an infant at that time. The records from the Asylum indicate she was sent West in 1877, and Marion stated that she had not seen her older brother for "years." She was expecting him to visit at Christmas time, but expected him to seem a stranger to her. She married Albert Vogt, a German immigrant in 1885. Her husband was a dairy farmer in Kane County, and they had four children: Lillian, Alma, Elina and Albert.

Charlotte Rowe (1866 - 1932) was also sent West by the Asylum and settled in the county next to her sister -- Kane County. According to the 1900 census, Lottie married her husband William Devereaux in 1881, when she was about 15 years old and he was 29. They had eleven children, all but one living to be adults.

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