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George Washington Sterling, Boone Co.

George Washington Sterling (1849 - 1923) was sent to Illinois in 1862 and was placed with the Heath family in Boone Co. He wrote a letter to the Asylum in 1882, recounting his experiences as an orphan boy. He stayed with his guardian until he married, which he advised all boys to do, rather than try to make their way alone. He was able to buy a farm just two years after marrying. "Those who leave their homes are sure to fall into temptation, while those who stay till they are of age have better habits, and are better able to manage their affairs successfully."

At the time he wrote this letter, George had two children and in later years he would have three more. He worked always as a farmer. His three daughters all lived in Belvidere at the time of his death. Miss Mabel was not a young orphan but a 35 year old school teacher.


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