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William F., Robert W. and Frederick Tallon, Kankakee, Iroquois & Will County

The Tallon brothers were born in New Jersey and their parents were from Ireland. They were sent to Illinois in 1879 at ages 13, 11 and 9. The youngest, Frederick was sent to Elwood, Will County to live with E H Smith. He lived with that family for at least five years, from the time of the 1880 census until Mr. Smith wrote a report of Frederick in the 1885 report. Frederick does not appear in any census after 1880 but his grave is in Pueblo, Colorado, where he died in 1896. His brother Robert also lived in Pueblo County, Colorado.

Robert was first sent to live in Rockville, Kankakee County, where he lived with Fred and Martha Grimes. Robert later lived in Colorado with his wife Sarah. They managed a summer hotel there in 1920 and may have been retired in 1930. No children ever appeared in the census with Robert.

Wiliam, the oldest brother, was sent to Chebanse, Iroquois County where he lived with Israel & Helen Coombs. William married Flora Belle Day in 1890. They had three children: Ferol, Lurline and William. William and Flora settled in Chicago, where William worked as a furniture salesman.

The parents of the Tallon brothers were James and Ann Irwin Tallon. William and Robert appeared with their parents and a sister in the 1870 census in New Jersey and William gave the names of his parents when he married in 1890.

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