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Seth V. Watson, Montgomery County

Seth V. Watson (b. 1859) was an inmate in the New York Juvenile Asylum in 1870 and was sent to Illinois in 1872. In 1880 he was living with the Lingle family in Rountree, Montgomery County.

In 1880 he wrote an optimistic letter, but his life seemed to take a turn for the worst in his twenties or thirties. In 1900 he was working with a different farmer in Rountree and was divorced. He married again in 1914, to Tilly Payne, but by 1910 he was divorced again and living in Osceola, Iowa as a servant in a hotel. In 1920 he was working on a poultry farm in Union County, Iowa. In 1930 and 1940 he was an inmate in the Poor Farm and Insane Asylum in Union County, Iowa.

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