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Are You a Descendant of the Pioneers of the 1838 Map?

This is a list of the last generation of the pioneer descendants to die in McLean County. If you are a descendant of one of the people in this list, you are a descendant of one of the pioneers of this map! The underlined headings are links to the stories of those families.


Any descendant who left McLean County is not included in this project. The reason for this is that the list would be far too long if descendants from other counties or states were included and because it was not anticipated that people outside McLean County would be interested in this project. If you believe that you are related and your ancestor has been left out of the project, you may contact the website developer on the Contact Us page.

If you are seeking additional genealogical information gathered during this project, the family trees of each family is now a part of the archives of the McLean County Museum of History. These trees show the names of the first generation to leave McLean County and their initial destination, but do not follow those descendants any further. 

Lydia Jane Larrick Heintzman

Mary Elizabeth Larrick Lawbaugh

Eleanor Larrick Hempstead

Rachel Larrick Dyer

Helen Leslie Dyson (1911 – 2000)

Marguerite Leslie Sheehan (1901 – 1965)

Esther Leslie Schmidt (1924 – 2012).

James Sheehan (1931 – 2011)

Mary Sheehan Claxton  (1929 – 2008)

Eileen Saul Malcom Romans


Agnes Noble (Atlanta)

Lucille Baker Wilcox

George Holder

Dan Holder

John Abram Brokaw 

Charles Edward Brokaw

Helen Deems Hanell (1906 – 1976)

Norma Hanell Ashbrook  (1931 – 2009)

Nellie Bunn Loos

Barbara Bunn

Hazel Cross Simpson

Doris Ryan Mohr (1914 – 2010)

Mary Ryan Feeney (1921 – 2008)

Lewis Hibbs

Fleeta Hibbs Brennan (1906 – 1987)

Chlora Hibbs Skinner (1920 – 1997)

Ralph Bigger (2004)

Eva Knitter (2016),

Delmar McClure (1999)

Florence Frakes-Cunningham (1903 – 1989)

Chester Ewins (1912 – 1990)

Lowell Ewins (1939 – 2014)

Jerry Lederer 

Dorothea Carlock Erion 

Henry Martin Williams

George N. Williams

Russell Williams

Wilbur Lee Keeran

Albert Lee Keeran

James F. Keeran

Harley Fry Keeran

Lois Keeran Giles

Dorothy Keeran Hamilton

Virginia Keeran Guttschow

Milton Bernard Keeran

Clarence Ray Keeran

John Campbell

Alfred Smiley

Elizabeth Davis Holder

David Davis IV

David Davis V

Agnes Noble (Atlanta)

Lucille Baker Wilcox

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