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The Ewins

            A Ewins family was established in McLean County in the 1830s, but the only record of them during that time is that Thomas H Ewins was born in Danvers Township in 1837, shortly before his father died. He was the son of James Ewins and brother of John Ewins. Thomas married Emeline Wallace (daughter of Elizabeth Adolph Wallace) and served in the 20th Ill. Inf during the Civil War. He was wounded in the war, receiving a minie ball to the wrist at Fort Donelson. Their children settled away from McLean County.


            John Ewins (1830 – 1893) married Malinda Franks. He was a merchant and farmer in the Danvers area all his life, beginning his farm on the 40 acre plot purchased by his father. Two of his children made their homes in McLean County. Jennie Ewins married Benjamin Harber of Harber Hardware and her home on Main Street later became Blackstock Hall on the Wesleyan Campus.


            Jennie’s daughter Louise Harber (1887 – 1971) married Louis Eddy who was affiliated with the Wakefield Medicine Co. After his death she remarried in 1938 to Louis B Merwin. Her daughter Marion Eddy married and settled in Los Angeles. 


             Chester Ewins (1866 – 1927) was president of the bank in Danvers State Bank and a stock farmer. He married Ada L. Wright and had two sons with her. His son Glenn (1892 – 1977) was cashier at the bank and married Jacobina Sakemiller.


              If you are related to Chester Ewins (1912 – 1990) or Lowell Ewins (1939 – 2014), you can claim kinship with the Ewins of 1838.

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