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The Davises

           The Davis family was headed by David Davis and his wife Sarah Walker. They had seven children, but only two of those lived beyond childhood. Their story is so well told on the Museum website, that a reiteration here is unnecessary. Davis was a close and professional friend of Abraham Lincoln who promoted his election to the Presidency and served as a U.S. Supreme Court Justice on Lincoln's appointment. His wife oversaw the building of Cloverlawn, the Davis Mansion in Bloomington. A line of Davises still exists in Bloomington, although each individual family has been small. David Davis IV was a Illinois State Senator, George Perrin (II) was an engineer, David Davis III farmed and managed real estate and Mercer Davis was a real estate developer.

             The Davises known to have descendants in McLean County are these:

             Elizabeth Davis Holder

             David Davis V

             David Davis IV 


              To read complete biographies of David and Sarah Davis follow the link below to the McLean County Museum of History website. 

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