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The Haines

            Benjamin Haines (1777 – 1849) had at least six children, all of whom lived in McLean County.  Benjamin Haines was a tavern keeper in 1833 and in 1835 he took out a license for a dry goods store. His daughter, Catherine Haines married William Thomas in Ohio, Margery Haines married Lewis Bunn in Ohio, and another daughter married Seth Baker in Ohio but died before reaching Illinois. His son Dr. Thomas Haines lived in Bloomington a short time and died in 1837, leaving behind a widow, Esther Haines (1799 – 1852)(mother of Hannah Harkness McClun, wife of J E McClun) and daughters Mary and Matilda. Darwin Haines built the Novelty Mill, a four story brick building, around the close of the Civil War and sold it to Holder Bros.


            The descendants of Catherine, Margery and the unnamed daughter are included in the Thomas, Bunn and Baker families.

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