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This map from the McLean County Combined Indexed Atlas shows as much of the neighborhood as was represented there.  In 1874 Founder's Grove was an area typified by large lots that were farms or homes on very large farmed properties, much like the David Davis Mansion was a home on farmed land. None of the houses were as grand as the Davis Mansion, but some prominent citizens owned land in the area. Two of those homes still exist today:  1215 E Washington was owned and occupied by Oliver Munsell, who was the president of Illinois Wesleyan University from 1857 to 1873. Leander Aldrich's Italianate house at 1202 Grove Street is also still standing. Dr. Crothers was represented by Abraham Lincoln in a medical malpractice suit in 1855 which has gone down in history as the "Chicken Bone Case." Charles Holder, as well as being a real estate agent who developed such towns as Towanda and Holder, was President of the Board of Trustees at Illinois Wesleyan in its first years of operation. 


Click on the pins below to see information about the residents of 1874!


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