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They lived on Warner Avenue


Walton Isch and Martha Trenkle are sitting at the Speakers Table at the Secretarial Associations boss's dinner at the Tilden Hall Hotel. Walton was an executive with Tick and associates and Martha was his secretary. 


Mrs. Jerone E. Willman (right) lived at 104 Warner with her husband and two sons, Robert and Donald. She is enjoying a Dutch tea at the YWCA.


Earl Nesmith (third, seated) of 107 Warner was a VP at Williams Oil O Matic. In this picture management and union are signing a labor agreement in 1941.


Earl Nesmith's son, Jack (left) was a Junior "war worker" in this picture. He is helping Helen McClernon with some record keeping along with Steve Taylor in 1943. 


In 1946 Marge Stern appeared in the BHS Style Show. The Maurice and Rose Stern lived at 110 Warner and were partners in Stern's Furniture store. Before they lived on Warner, the Sterns lived at 217 Florence.

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