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World War I veterans and supporters

This slideshow is made up of photos from McLean County and the World War. A link to this book is on the resources page. Included here are William Sholty and Richard Boydston who died in the war. Many also served and returned home: the three McMurry Brothers, Walter Williams, Dr. Robert Noble, William Wise, Fitch Harwood, and Harry Wickoff. Some are not pictured here who lived in Founders' Grove or had a connection through a parent: Jesse Ray Willis, Lloyd Ledderboge, Dwight Beal, and Harry Saddler.


Others served in the war effort in McLean County or somewhere else stateside. Dr. Walter Gailey was sent to Washington DC. Frank Aldrich was sent to Connecticut and New York with the Red Cross Hospitals.  Louis Eddy, Mrs. Spencer Ewing, and Mrs. Frank Aldrich were committee leaders in the McLean County Red Cross.

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