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Arthur L. Pillsbury, Architect

Bloomington Illinois would not be same town if Arthur Pillsbury had never come here to work as an architect. During his childhood he lived in Bloomington, where his father was principal of the Model School at Illinois State Normal University. He attended high school in Champaign when his father was provost of the University of Illinois. After obtaining an engineering degree at Harvard and an architecture degree at the University of Illinois, Arthur returned to Bloomington, married Daisy Hill, the daughter of a local doctor, and settled in Bloomington. His life was cut tragically short in 1925 when he was killed in an automobile accident.


He designed many of the buildings in downtown Bloomington after the great fire of 1900 and also designed many homes in Bloomington. Many of those homes are in Founders' Grove. The photos here are from the tax assessor's website and date from the present day. To see the address, name of original owner and date of building, click on the photos to see the slideshow.



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