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They lived on Leland Street


Rachel Larrick (first girl standing) and other girls in her scouting troop are sledding at Highland Park. Rachel are up on Leland and her grand parents had a grocery on State Street. Her ancestors were among the very first to settle Bloomington.


Connie Thomasson (left) was a student at ISNU in 1945 and grew up at 212 Leland. She and Betty Stretch were being given a tour of the greenhouses at ISNU by the grounds superintendent, Harry Johnson. Her parents were Herman and Winifred Thomasson. 


Guy East (left, seated) lived at 303 Leland with his parents, Guy and Lizzie and his brother George and sisters Betty, Ruby and Mary. He was on the BHS basketball team in 1945.


Roy and Evan Strawn were the sons of William and Lola Strawn. They lived at 414 Leland and played tennis for BHS. 


Eloise Taylor (darker jacket) was shopping for a hat with friend Joyce Dickey in September of 1942. Eloise lived with her mother and sisters at 408 Leland.  Her father was Milo Taylor, the civil engineer who did the survey work for Lake Bloomington and many other projects in the Central Illinois. He died in 1933 when Eloise was just 7.


Nancy Izatt is modeling the dress she planned to wear to a Tridettes' dance in 1946. This was a couple of years prior to the popularity of the full skirt and petticoat in 1948. Nancy lived at 408 Leland and her parents were Fred and Helen Izatt.

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