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They lived on Fairview Avenue


When Mary Stannard was born in 1921 her parents lived at 101 Fairview. Her  mother died when Mary was just five months old and her father was left to raise a tiny baby alone. He remarried and had a son and the family lived in at least one other house in FG -- 401 Willard. Joseph Stannard was a dentist.


The next occupants of 101 Fairview were Emmett and Cecile Fricke. Here Mrs. Fricke is enjoying bowling with her team: Peggy Schultze, Jo Jones and Billie Klawitter.


The Ralph DeMange family lived at 102 Fairview. Mary Louise DeMange (in white shirt) is at Angler's Lake with Lou ann Lloyd. In 1944 Emma DeMange died suddenly at home and then Ewing DeMange, who had enlisted while attending Princeton was killed at Iwo Jima in 1945. Mary Louise was a college student in Mississppi during WWII. 


Dora Munson, the well loved BHS Home Economics teacher and Dorothy Crank, a niece of Ralph DeMange, who lived in his home in the 30s with her mother.

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