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Automobiles in Founders' Grove

In 1909 the Pantagraph printed a list of all the people who had an automobile in McLean County. There were almost 200 automobiles in McLean County. Just four ladies owned and assumedly drove their own cars. In Founders' Grove there were just 7 cars to the best of my knowledge. It is very hard to imagine that much peace and quiet on Washington Street, but it was a quieter and gentler time of lemonade on porches and ladies gathering for tea. If you look closely at some of the photos from Picturesque Bloomington, you can see large barns behind the houses -- for the horses that provided transportation.


The owners of cars in Founders' Grove were as follows:


1323 Washington

HS Eckart* Louise, Harold C Caroline Melin (71)

Sec/Treas Central Mill & Elevator


1406 Washington

Dr. RA Noble*



1501 Washington

Peter Maher


Stoddard Dayton

1418 Grove

Wilber M & Leila Carter*

Real Estate & Loans


101 Vale

Dr. Joseph & Grace Siebert



1516 Grove

Frank H & Grace Cole*



302 Willard

John & Grace Cole

Cole & Held (Vulcanizing) 501 N. East




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