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They Lived on Florence Street


Z. Harold Dorland (far right) was a school principal at a Bloomington Junior high and then Assistant Principal at Normal Community, When he was fired from Normal community in 1946, the students rose up in a body and walked out of the school in protest. After two months of conflict Dorland accepted the principalship at Streator.


Lloyd Eyer (right) lived at 207 Florence and was prominent for his many activities as a community worker in scouting, public parades and sports for decades. Here he is being "crowned" as head of the Chief Shabbona Scouting District.


Bob Lundquist (left) lived at 208 Florence with his parents, Noble and Florence. He was an athlete at BHS and here a runner up for Homecoming king. (Others in photo, Patty Ladd, Ruby Beyer and John Neal)


Mary Hurst (far right) was on the committee for the St. Patrick's Dance at U High in 1947. She lived at 221 Florence as a little girl. The other girls in this picture are Frances Coan, Martha Schaah, and Patty Read.


Five of the children in this picture of a children's dance in 1937 at the Lakeside Country Club were from FG. Sally Costigan (1st left) lived  at 1321 Grove. Robert Wrozeski (second left) lived at 407 Florence and the Englejohn sisters, Jean (3rd right) and Phyllis (first right) lived at 410 Leland.  Evan Strawn (third left) lived at 414 Leland. There were families in Bloomington who did not feel the Great Depression as much as others.

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