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Historic homes, or old homes, is what Founders' Grove is all about.  We like to find more information about our homes and know a little about the people who came before us. It makes life in our homes a little richer and little fuller to imagine the lives before us and the contributions that previous owners made to the city, their family or their workplace. For now this page is under construction, to host other pages on Pillsbury and building permits noted in the Pantagraph. I look forward to putting some information here about building practices or architecture when I have the time and inclination.


The undated page of building permits is a collection of records found in the Pantagraph on with a word search. In 1927 and 1928 the Pantagraph published a special edition of the paper that summarized the year, including a list of building permits. In 1926 the Pantagraph had a special issue, but did not list the building permits.

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