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They lived on Willard Street


Geraldine Wilson (right) was the youngest daughter of Frank and Minnie Wilson at 201 Willard. Geraldine is with Marian Kline at a BHS Halloween party. Frank Wilson was a millwright at a washing machine factory.


Mildred Wilson (right) was the middle daughter of Frank and Minnie Wilson at 201 Willard. Geraldine is with Jean Van Zile at a BHS style show. 


Clara (far left) and Alice Steinke (far right) were members of the Delphi International, a women's club that promoted education for women. Clara and Alice in this picture were 33 and 29.  Clara was a bookkeeper in a bank and Alice was a bookkeeper for a paint store. They lived with their parents at 203 Willard. Their father was a salesman in a feed company. The other women in this picture are Lucille Thompson and Virginia Hutson.


Janice Roberts is the little girl in the middle of this Hawaiian chorus line at a YWCA program. She lived with her parents, Russell and Roberta at 204 Willard. Her father was the tennis coach at BHS.


Clare Lartz was an avid golfer and member of the Lakeside Country Club. She was married to Raymond Lartz worked for Moberly and Klenner, the men's clothing store. They lived at 206 Willard. I'm wondering, do they allow dogs on the golf course now a days?


In October of 1940 Lester Gerig was volunteering with the Red Cross. He lived at 210 Willard with his wife, Mildred. He was just 28 years old in this picture.


Arthur Eiff and his wife Pauline lived at 212 Willard in 1940. They were living with his parents. In 1942 they were chosen along with Warren Shults and his wife to portray couples vacationing close to home during wartime. The Eiffs are on the right. Arthur Eiff was a car salesman in 1940.


Herbert Hildebrandt was a ham radio operator. This was popular hobby for the very technically minded in the 30s and 40s. He lived at 215 Willard with his wife Wilma and daughter Joan in the 1930s. By the time this picture was taken in 1940 another family lived in that home.


Joan Hildebrandt was photographed sunbathing with two other girls in 1940. She is the girl furthest from the photographer.


Sydney Lawrence had an oil service company and is seen here in his truck. The picture was part of a layout about the actors in the Passion Play and their work lives. He lived at 216 Willard with his wife Hazel, and three children: Gordon, Marjorie and William. 


Marjorie Lawrence was a freshman at ISNU in 1944. Here she is shown with Jane Limber and Barbara Bieneman. She lived at 216 Willard with her parents.


Margaret Pixley lived at 219 Willard with her parents Albert and Isabelle. Although we don't know which of these young women is Margaret, the picture was labelled Margaret Pixley and friend, so the picture was most likely taken in the Pixley home in July of 1937. In 1937 Margaret went to MacMurrary College.


Norman Crawford was a minister and is pictured here with other ministers in Bloomington, including Ralph Carson, who lived on Grove Street.


George Miller ran the popcorn stand outside the Castle Theater six days a week all his life. He was an immigrant from Greece and changed his name to Miller when he immigrated. He lived at 301 Willard with his wife Adaline, their three children and in 1940 with three boarders.


Nina Miller worked at Wabash Telephone and is shown here sitting at the new long distance switchboard in 1943. Nina lived with her mother, father and sister at 304 Willard.

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