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Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents were becoming more and more frequent in McLean County. On this date 100 years ago a Martin Fischer was test driving an automobile which Mrs. Browning had for sale. They were driving on Broadway where it intersected with the Chicago Alton tracks. The automobile was destroyed and the two occupants were thrown from the vehicle and severely injured. There were no less than three articles in the Pantagraph regarding the accident.

On this date the survivors of Mr. Ernest Rassbach, who was killed driving home from a chari vari in Tazewell, filed suit for $10,000 against the Traction Company for his death. Mr. Rassbach left a dependent widow and five independent, adult children.

The coroner's jury ruled on this date that the death of little Marion Wilson was an accident. Marion was struck by a car driven by a carpenter driving down her street as she and her sister ran around the ice truck.

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