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Y. W. C. A.

In 1915 the YWCA of Bloomington was not as well established at the same association for men, and did not own its building. Bloomington had had a YWCA only since 1908. But at this time the organization was extremely active with numerous programs aimed at fulfilling its stated goals:

1. To guide girls into work for which they are suited.

2. To show them where and how to prepare for it.

3. To urge women to make good in their chosen field of work.

4. To develop in women workers such a responsibility for younger workers as will create better and enlarging opportunities for them.

The organization planned to touch of a number of important topics in the coming year: "Simple Business Transactions," "The Investment of Small Sums," "The Installment Plan and the Loan Shark," and "Law as related to Women." Apparently a need was seen for preparation of women for independent life.

The "Y" also provided a place for young women to "rest, read and wait." Of course waiting for a friend in a public place would not have been acceptable or ladylike, but an appointment to meet at the "Y" would be unobjectionable and then the women could proceed in public under the protection of each other.

The "Y" also visited places of business, such as Beich's and Merwin's, where time was provided for the "Y" women to speak to the workers, as well as an extension of the Withers Library at Beich's. The Y was also active in the Americanization of foreigners and offered English classes in coordination with the Day Nursery. Sewing, dramatics, physical exercise and home nursing classes were also offered. On Sundays there were vespers with music and refreshments to follow.

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